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Adultcon 2007 Coverage (part 3)

24 September 2007

This is the last part of our coverage and these are all of my favorite girls. The convention ended for us when the power went out and if I were to kidnap someone and make them serve me beer, you’d find them in this section. In no particular order: anal sex teen queen Aurora Snow, the luscious cheeks of Sophie Dee, stand-up comedian and burlesque queen Smoking Mary Jane, bondage queen and big-hootered redhead Natalie DeMore, and my new favorites Roxxie Lee and Heather Gates. Click on through to watch them get spanked and groped.

When we went to Erotica LA this year, I tried to get a picture with one of my favorite nymphettes, Aurora Snow. Thankfully at this much smaller show, I was able to catch up with her and snag a couple of quick pix. She’s a great chick with a fantastic screen presence and watching her take a cock in the ass is a work of art. Some of you Stern fans may remember the lovely Aurora from her “Duck quack cock sucking” sound effects that played all through 2004 and 2005. She even came in for a couple of the contests and was a blind guy’s favorite porn star for her dirty sounds.

I caught this next beautiful dame out of the corner of my eye and went “OH SHIT, MARY JANE IS HERE!” Smoking Mary Jane is a pin-up champ, a stand-up comedian, and the reason for the tingle in my balls the whole show. Her appearance was courtesy of Natalie DeMore’s BondageOrgasms.com. Some of you might know about Mary Jane from her appearances in High Times Magazine, but I know her from her work on Danni’s Hard Drive. I love the pin-up and retro style and this chick plays a character in her scenes that hits my 50’s housewife fetish square. “I’m just a housewife, but I’m never bored because I do housework and try on lingerie all day.”

MJ is a total sweetheart and we had monopolized a great deal of her time on both days. Chatted her up a bit about the Ding Dong Show, a stand-up comedy act of which she is a part. Also they’re going to have a live version on SuperDeluxe.com. Now you know I’m not going to spend all of my time on one girl, though MJ was definitely worth it, she also had the busty and beautiful Natali DeMore and their videographer Loren as part of the show. Bondage was a big part of the adult world and Loren was the willing slave for some rope play.


I had to run out and grab Loren for a photo while she was away from the booth because Natali and Mary Jane loved me so much. And really, who wouldn’t?

Next we have the beautiful woman that also wins for the cutest accent: Sophie Dee. She’s from Wales, so it’s kind of like Catherine Zeta Jones, but way cuter. I was really surprised to find out how tiny this chick really is. Most of the time she gets photographed, the guys are trying to accentuate the size of her butt and end up making her look too thick. If you saw her in person you’d fall in love right away, she’s such a fun little chick. I of course had to take advantage of that and make her do all kinds of fun poses. They had a mirror in the booth and I guess she’s never worked with a photographer that knew how to use one. Anyway, enjoy it fellas.

I tried to do one of those lean-back-with-a-camera shots and got the best one ever. Forget who’s in the picture, just get the cleavage.

Continuing with the bondage fun came the gem of the whole show – the S&M displays put on by Heather Gates and Roxxie Lee. Heather had the milk white skin that I am crazy about and I just wanted to fuck the shit out of her. There’s a reason we got so many pictures and took so much video of them. First up will be sweet little tart Roxxie Lee. She has a perfect girl-next-door look and isn’t afraid to get a bit rough. Get her in an apron and I’ll marry her tomorrow (but only in a country whose marriage laws are not recognized by the United States).


Now as scrumptious as Roxxie is, this booth was a double threat with bondage model and sweet piece of ass Heather Gates. I had no idea who this chick is and I still don’t know what kind of stuff she does outside of her website, but man does she belong on my lap. She was very elusive for the free pics on the first day, but warmed up on the second. When you have something this in demand, you have to keep it scarce. I spent $45k to be able to be an authority on that, fucking college.


And what would any adult entertainment gathering be without a bunch of strippers? Most of the strippers represented were sub-par or passable only in the dark. But except for the last couple minutes of Adultcon, the lights were on full blast and not everyone was presenting LA correctly. Fortunately, one company brought the goods with a bodacious blonde and a showstopping little redhead. They wanted money for pics, but I snipered these for you guys.


And that’s it folks, hope you enjoyed it. If you want to purchase some videos of any of the girls you’ve seen, check the Whack Shack link on the right and help support the site!

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